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373 Latch Study Card

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373 Latch Study Card

373 Latch Study Card

Study Cards can be connected to the 50 Pins KXT Bus of any 8/16 bit Series Microprocessor Trainer Kits. In this Study Card LED’s are provided for different signals like Read, Write, Address Lines, Data Lines, Chip Select & Ports depending upon the Peripherals. Study


  • 8 bit Latch output using 74373 IC.
  • 8 bit Buffer input using 74245 IC.
  • 8 buffered latch output are indicated by 3mm LEDs.
  • Eight Way DIP Switch is provided for buffer input.
  • Eight bit buffered output are indicated by 3mm LEDs.
  • Chip Select for IC-74245 and IC-74373 are indicated by 3mm LEDs.
  • Hardware Single Step and Full Clock Execution modes are provided.
  • Single stepping can be performed using micro switch provided on board.
  • Using this study card all MODE experiment can be performed.
  • Interface 8085/8086 Kit using 50 pin FRC Connector.
  • User’s Manual with Sample Programs


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