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  • To study working principle & various faults of VCR.
  • To study practical & theoretical aspects of circuitry.

Technical Specifications:

In built switch mode power supplies for different sections In built audio Pre-amplifier In built RF Amplifier

  • Complete block diagram of VCR player on top panel
  • Mechanical arrangement and printed circuit board mounted in acrylic box
  • Digital Display & keyboard on top panel
  • 10 Test points provided on front panel only for observations
  • 10 Fault switch provided on front panel for fault creation
  • Input and output jacks for audio, video and R.F
  • All components/assembly in transparent acrylic box for better view angle
  • Remote Operating system
  • Power requirement: 220 VAC +10%, 50 Hz
  • Weight :8.0Kg Approx.
  • Standard Accessories:
  • Power Chord; AV Signal Lead, RF Signal Lead, Demo Video Cassette, Remote Control with Cell, & Instruction Manual Optional Accessories:
  • Dual Trace CRO 20 MHz  & Multi-meter Color Television Demonstrator 


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