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8 Digit Frequency counter 10Hz~2.4 GHz

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8 Digit Frequency counter 10Hz~2.4 GHz

8 Digit Frequency counter 10Hz~2.4 GHz


Frequency Counter is used for measuring the frequency. It usually measures the frequency by measuring the number of pulses or oscillations per second in repetitive electronic signal. It is a microprocessor based counter that measures frequency, pulse and crystal measurements. It is a high resolution multi-functional counter with 5-range function select, 8-digit LED display and 4-step gate time. Our frequency counter finds application in Indian defense academy, telecommunication industry, military, aerospace and many more.

Features : –

  • It is a high-resolution multifunction intelligent frequency counter based on microprocessor.
  • Frequency measurement, pulse counting, crystal measurement. 4-step gate time, 5-range function select and 8-digit LED display.
  • Working mode memorized, range and gate time can be set according to the requirement.
  • Multifunctional, good quality and reasonable price.

Technical Specification:-

  • Frequency measurement : CH A: 5OMHz~2.4GHz,
  • Basic CH B: 10Hz~5OMHz,
  • Basic Accuracy Crystal measurement : Crystal Slot : 3.5MHz~16MHz,
  • Basic Accuracy Total measurement : CH B: 10Hz~4MHz,
  • Basic Accuracy Measurement sensitivity : 50mVrms


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