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8155 PPI With Study Card

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8155 PPI With Study Card

8155 PPI With Study Card

  • Compatible with µProcessor / µController Kits. Jumper Selectable I/O addresses
  • Demo programs of all modes available. Compatible programs based on different kits supported available.
  • RST5.5, RST6.5, RST7.5 are provided onboard for interrupt driven modes. Using 8155, all possible modes can be experimented.
  • PA0-PA7, PB0-PB7, PC0-PC7 LED indicators and test lug inputs with handshake signals.
  • User links and lugs provided for inputs with their legends.
  • Experiments for both polled and interrupt driven data transfer is possible with links for 8085 interrupts.
  • Separate key is provided to give manual clock for 8155 times I/P’s.
  • Supplied in a attractive wooden cabinet


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