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Absorption In Sieve Plate Column

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Absorption In Sieve Plate Column

Absorption In Sieve Plate Column

Technical Description:

The set up consists of a column fitted with perforated plates. Liquid is fed at the top of the column through distributor. The solute gas and air are measured separately, mixed in a mixing chamber and then passed through the perforated plates vertically upward and absorbed in liquid. All the flow rates can be independently varied to simulate different conditions. Liquid Sample can be taken out from the bottom of the column for analysis.

Technical Specifications:

  • Column: Material Stainless Steel. Dia 80 mm, Length 1000 mm (approx). One section of column is provided of Borosilicate glass to visualize the process
  • Plates: Perforated Plates made of Stainless Steel (7 Nos.)
  • Feed Circulation: By compressed air.
  • Pressure Regulator: 0-2 kg/cm.
  • Pressure Gauge: Bourdon type
  • Feed Tank: Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 20 Ltrs.


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Learning Objectives/Experiments:
  • To study absorption of CO2 in aqueous NaOH solution in a sieve plate column.
  • To determine the gas phase mass transfer co-efficient, KG.
Required for Operation: 
  • Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 4 CFM. 
  • Water Supply 
  • Floor Drain. 
  • CO2 cylinder with control valve, pressure regulator and Pressure gauges 
  • Required Chemicals & Laboratory Glassware.