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AC Motor Position Controller

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AC Motor Position Controller

AC Motor Position Control Trainer


This set up is designed to study of AC motor position control system. The set up comprises two parts : 

A. The Motor Unit : It consists a two phase AC servomotor. It has Operating Voltage : 120V AC, maximum current 0.15Amp. Rated Shaft Speed : -2 2400rmp, Torque : 0.085 ”10 Kg/m. The motor drives a potentiometric load through gear train. The gear ratio is 1:40 and the load shaft rotation is 60rpm . The angular displacement is sensed by a 360 ° servo potentiometer. Agraduated disc is mounted upon the potentiometer to indicates angular position with 1 ° resolution.

B. The Control Unit :

It consists power supply, servo amplifier, error  detector and command potentiometer. There is facility given to record the transient period of position control system under step signal.  


  • Study of AC motor position. 
  • Two precision servo-potentiometers at full 360° rotation.
  • Calibrated dials with 1° resolution for command and output position. 
  • Thyristorized motor controller circuit. 
  • 110 volt two phase AC servo motor (60 RPM synchronous).
  • Built in waveform capture/display card for study dynamics.
  • Isolated supplies for motor, control circuit and capture/display card. 
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated.
  • User’s Manual with patch cords.


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