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AC servomotor torque/ speed characteristics trainer

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AC servomotor torque/ speed characteristics trainer

AC servomotor torque/ speed characteristics trainer

The devices used in electrical control system are AC and DC servomotors AC servomotor has best suit for low power control applications. It is rugged light weighted and has no brush contacts as in case of DC servomotors. The important parameter of AC servomotor is its speed – torque characteristics. This set up is made to study of such AC servomotor characteristics.


  • Two phase AC Servo Motor
  • Electronic speed sensor with RPM display.
  • Ammeter for load current.
  • DC Motor for loading.
  • Torque calculation from back emf.
  • Speed controller for motor.
  • Isolated supply for motor.
  • IC regulated power supply for complete circuitry.
  • 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz mains operated.
  • User’s Manual with patch cords.

List Of Experiments:

  • Study of Transfer Function.
  • Study of Torque Characteristics.
  • Time Constant of Servo Motor.


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