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Analog Function Generator 1Hz to 200 KHz

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Analog Function Generator 1Hz to 200 KHz

Analog Function Generator 1Hz to 200 KHz

The Function Generator offers wide functional capability at a modest price.

This compact unit has ranges from 0.2Hz to 200 KHz.

Range & Function selection adds convenience to versatility.

Added features not found in Function generator of this price range are duty cycle variation feature.

The instrument is designed using easily available components resulting in ease of serviceability.

Greater emphasis has been put on ruggedness & reliability with the use of single PCB for complete circuit.

Offers Sine, Square, Triangle, functions upto 200KHz. 

Excellent wave shape, signal linearity and wave form symmetry. 

Wide frequency range from 0.2Hz – 200KHz. 

Commendable frequency and amplitude stability.


  • Best quality
  • Zero maintenance
  • Long working life


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