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Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction

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Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction

Analog Signal Sampling & Reconstruction

On-board signals
Sine wave

Frequency: 1 KHz, 2 KHz

Amplitude: 0 ~ 5Vpp

Sampling Clock 

Internal frequency : 2 KHz, 4 KHz, 8 KHz, 16 KHz, 32 KHz, and 64 KHz

Duty cycle : 10 ~ 90% selectable in steps of 10% 

Sampling Method

  • Natural sampling circuit
  • Sample and hold circuit
  • Flat top sampling circuit 


  • 2nd order and 4 order low pass Butterworth filters with 3.4 KHz cut-off frequency

Switch faults

  • 7 switch faults are provided on-board to study different effects on circuit 

Test Points

  • 24 test points are provided on board to observe various intermediate signals 

Power Supply

  • GND, +5V, +12V, -12V  



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  • Principles of analog signal sampling and reconstruction
  • Effect of different sampling frequencies
  • Effect of varying the sampling frequency duty cycle
  • Study of 2nd order and 4th order low pass butterworth filters
  • Effect of switch faults