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Antenna Training System With Over 10 Antennas

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Antenna Training System With Over 10 Antennas

Antenna Training System With Over 10 Antennas

Tabletop self-contained system.
• In-built generators & Digital Meters.
• 22 Various antennas provided.
• Detailed Instruction Manual.

It is very useful to study & understand the principle & working of various antennas and to polar plots by teachers and students. The antennas are designed for use at higher frequencies making them handy and smaller in size for ease of use and better understanding of the subject. RF generator, Tone generator Directional coupler, Matching stub, Forward/Reverse meter, Goniometer & various antennas are provided for experimentation. Necessary DC regulated power supplies are built-in. Functional blocks are indicated on the mimic panel. The trainer includes set of modular mechanical elements forming various antennas, a transmitter unit & a detector unit. A detailed instruction/operating manual with fully documented students workbook & polar graph paper for antenna radiation characteristics are provided. 



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  •   Polar plots & polarization.
  • Wave modulation & demodulation.
  •  Antenna Gain & Beam width.
  •  Study of Element Current. Study of Front-Back Ratio. Antenna Matching.
  •  Measurement of SWR & forward / reverse power. Antenna radiation with distance.