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Application Of IC 555

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Application Of IC 555

Application Of IC 555

Timer circuit applications has been designed to perform the following experiments:-

A. Astable Multi-vibrator

B. Mono-stable Multi-vibrator

C. Bi-stable Multi-vibrator

D. Voltage to Time converter / Voltage to Frequency converter

Technical Specifications :

Inbuilt Fixed DC Regulated Power Supply Output Voltages : +5 V DC IC & Components Provided IC : 555 Potentiometer : 1 No. Switches ( Push to ON ) : 2 Nos. Resistance : Capacitor : Symbol diagram printed on Front Panel & all important test Points are brought out on front panel

Power requirement : 230 VAC 10%, 50Hz.

Weight : 1.0 Kg Approx.

Standard Accessories :

Power chord, Patch chords & Instruction manual.


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Objective : kit for IC 555