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Batch Crystallizer

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Batch Crystallizer

Batch Crystallizer


The set-up is designed to demonstrate and stimulate the phenomena of crystallization. This operation involves both heat and mass transfer. Crystallization is the formation of solid particles within a homogeneous phase. Its wide use has a two-fold basis; a crystal formed from an impure solution is itself pure.

The setup consists of an open, jacketed and conical bottom vessel fitted with a low RPM agitator and a heater. Arrangement for Cooling water circulation and flow measurement in jacket is made by using storage type water tank, a pump and a rota-meter.

The feed/mother liquor is prepared in the crystallizer vessel itself using heater and stirrer. The hot super saturation solution in the crystallizer is then cooled by circulation of cooling water and crystals are formed. Necessary instrumentation is done for temp measurement


  • Superb Painted structure
  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Compact & stand alone set up


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  • To study the performance of a Batch Crystallizer
  • To determine the crystal yield and the efficiency of crystallizer.