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Belt Conveyors

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Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor as the name suggests, consists of endless belt, suitably supported and driven, which carry or transport solids from place to place. Belts are made of either canvas, reinforced rubber or strip steel etc. Belt conveyors are adopted to wide varieties and quantities of material, require relatively low power, and can transport solid for long distances. The present set-up is of lab size moving on two horizontal rollers. The drive is given through a worm reduction gear coupled to a motor. Feed hopper is fitted on one side of conveyor and the other end one collecting tray is placed. It demonstrates the working of belt conveyors as used in the industries. The setup has a special arrangement to change the angle of belt.


  • Accurate dimensions
  • Low maintenance
  • Less human power

Technical Details:

  • Belt: Material Nylon./Synthetic
  • Width 200 mm, Length 1500 mm
  • Drive For Conveyor : ½ Hp Motor Coupled To Reduction Gear Box
  • Bins: 2 Nos. Collecting Bin And Distributing Bin
  • Control Panel Comprises Of : Standard Make On/Off Switch, Mains Indicator Etc
  • Instruction Manual: An English Instruction Manual Will Be Provided Along With The Apparatus
  • A Good Quality Painted Rigid Ms Structure Is Provided To Support All The Parts


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  • To Study The Working Of A Belt Conveyor
  • To Study The Effect Caused By Changing The Angle Of Inclination
  • Material For Feed
  • Electric Supply: Single Phase, 220 V Ac, 1 Kw
  • Floor Area 1 M X 1 m