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Cam Analysis Apparatus

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Cam Analysis Apparatus

Cam Analysis Apparatus


With the help of or dexterous professionals we have come up with Cam Analysis Apparatus. These are provided with a DC Motor and an extended shaft that carries a cam. The procuring agents of our firm ensure that the raw material for the product is procured from certified vendors only. To check the compliance of the product with international quality standards, these are stringently tested by our quality analyzers, post production.


  • Easy operations
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Energy efficient
  • Accurate measurement
  • Durability
  • Precisely designed


  • Cam -Eccentric, tangent and circular ARC type 
  • Follower- mushroom, flat faced and roller type
  • Cams and followers are hardened to reduce wear of the surfaces
  • Variable speed motor coupled to camshaft of suitable range 
  • A dial gauge to note the follower displacement
  • A technical manual accompanies the equipment



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EXPERIMENTATION- With the help of combination of provided cams and followers following experiments can be conducted:
  • To plot the n-θ(Follower displacement Vs Angle of rotation) curves for different cam follower pairs
  • The follower bounce can be observed by using a stroboscope (Optional) & effect of follower weight on bounce can be studied.
  • To study the effect of follower weight on bounce.
  • To study the effect of spring compression on bounce.