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Carrier Demodulation & Data Reformatting Receiver

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Carrier Demodulation & Data Reformatting Receiver

Carrier Demodulation & Data Reformatting Receiver


  • 7 different data conditioning formats NRZ (M) RZ. Bi phase (Manchester), Bi phase ( Mark).
  • AMI, RB, Differentially encoded dibit pair to NRZ data.
  • ASK, FSK, PSK. DPSK. & QPSK carrier demodulation
  • Output gives 2 channel TDM multiplexed data Output
  • On -Board Bi phase clock recovery circuit
  • On – Board data squaring circuit and different decoder


  • Input: From Transmitter Kit
  • Output: 2 Channel TDM Multiplexed Data Stream
  • Deconditioning Options: NRZ (M), RZ, AMI RB, Bi phase (Manchester), Bi phase (Mark), differentially encoded dibit pair to NRZ(L).
  • Carrier Demodulation:
  •   ASK Rectifier Diode
  •   FSK PLL Detector
  •   PSK & DPSK Square Loop Detector
  •   QPSK Fourth Power Loop Detector
  • Bi phase clock recovery  : By PLL
  • Test Points : More than 50
  • Interconnections :  2/4 mm socket
  • Cabinet: Enclosed in ABS plastic cabinet with detachable cover
  • Power : 220V AC ±10% 50/60Hz mains operated
  • Accessories : Set of Patch Cords, Users manual


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  • Study of conversion of different data formats to NRZ data formats
  • Various carrier Demodulation Techniques ASK,FSK,PSK,DPSK, & QPSK