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Centrifuge Tube Box

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Centrifuge Tube Box

Centrifuge Tube Box

Radical Centrifuge tube box are molded in polypropylene. These boxes provide excellent substitute for conventional card-box or foam rack. The Transparent top gives a clear view of the tubes placed in the box which are easily identifiable because of the indexed grid. These polypropylene centrifuge boxes are a more durable alternative to foam racks. Boxes are auto cleanable.


  • Crystal clear lid
  • Maintain integrity under harsh freezer condition
  • These racks can withstand a temperature of -90° C to 121° C.
  • The distinctive green color on the 15 ml and blue color on the 50 ml makes these racks easy to distinguish.
  • All grids ate properly indexed with clear lid that provides easy tube identification.
  • Can be autoclaved.

Capacity:- 15 ml

Capacity:- 50 ml


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