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CD / VCD / DVD Disc Player Demonstrator

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CD / VCD / DVD Disc Player Demonstrator

CD / VCD / DVD Disc Player Demonstrator

CD / VCD / DVD Player Trainer is designed to provide a live demonstrator of the working of a CD / VCD / DVD Player. The circuit / mechanical assembly is mounted on suitable board for the students to visually observe the electronic circuits and mechanical parts easily. A neat block diagram along with details of test points are provided on charts. Provision is made to measure / observe the voltages and waveforms at various strategic points through sockets.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Supply : 230V AC, 50 Hz, 1phase
  • Functions : Play, Pause, Forward, Rewind, Stop, Open, Close, Repeat, Skip and Track select (available on Main Unit and / or Remote)
  • Display : Provided
  • Laser : Semiconductor laser
  • TV System : PAL
  • Audio Output : 2.1 Audio System
  • Output Socket : Audio out ; Video out
  • Input : USB
  • CD’s Format : Audio, MP3 CD, VCD & DVD
  • Remote Control : Multi function remote
  • Standard Accessories : Detailed instruction manual, CD (Audio), VCD, DVD, MP3 CD, USB, A/V Cord, Mains Cord and Remote Control


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Objective :
  • To Study the Principle of Digital Frequency Counter.
  • To observe and note the output frequency on LED Seven segment display w.r.t. the applied variable input signal frequency.
  • To compare the Observed (Practical) value with applied theoretical value.