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Compensators (Analog Phase Meter)

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Compensators (Analog Phase Meter)

Compensators (Analog Phase Meter)

The instrument consists of two – round scales. One with index and the other with vernier. The first scale (index scale) is for tuning the analyser into the azimuth. The Second scale (Vernier Scale) is for measuring the degree of orientation of a wedge box.
The Wedge Box contains two wedges cut in mutually perpendicular direction of optics axis in quartz. The long wedge is movable by means of a micrometer drum, with the help of which accurate reading of the movement is taken. Micrometer screw minimum reading 0.001 cm. (i.e. Least count)


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Experiments To analyse elliptically-polarised light by means of Babinet’s compensator Apparatus required: Babinet compensator, white light source, quarter wave plate, chock power supply, box polariod eye piece, reding lens, plumb line.