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Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter

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Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter

Conversion of galvanometer into voltmeter – Electronics Laboratory Equipment

  • To convert a voltage to a current, use ohm’s law to select the resistor.
  • Subtract the resistance of the galvanometer if it is known.
  • If the galvanometer is 100 μA full scale and you want to display 10 V full scale then you will need a total of 100 K ohm resistance in series including the meter

Features : 

  • Instrument comprises of DC Regulated Power Supply 0-5 V DC/150 mA
  • Two round meters (One Voltmeter & One Galvanometer)
  • Three set of resistances mounted behind the panel,
  • Connections of supplies,
  • Meters & Resistances brought out at 4 mm Sockets.


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