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Crump Weir

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Crump Weir

Crump Weir

Crump weirs are control structures. They are broad-crested weirs. The triangular shape of the weir has several advantages, e.g. only minor siltation occurs upstream of the weir. A part of sediment transport can flow over the weir. In addition, aquatic creatures can often pass this weir upstream.

The Crump weir is preferably used as a sill. Sills are used to decrease the flow velocity to avoid erosion. A sill is well dimensioned for the prevailing discharge when there is no hydraulic jump.


  • Made of gray PVC,
  • Overall dimensions: 98 x 350 x 50 h mm,
  • Structure for anchoring to the channel and seals.


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Learning objectives/experiments
  • free and submerged overfall at the Crump weir
  • observation of downstream hydraulics jumps
  • discharge at a sill
  • together with a level gauge:
    • determination of the discharge
    • comparison of the theoretical and the measured discharge