Cryo Boxes


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CRYO Box – Scientific Laboratory Equipment

Cryo Boxes are moulded in Poly-carbonate making it extra strong and autoclavable. The transparent cover of the box gives a good view of the contents inside and is numbered for better inventory control. These can accommodate Cryo Vials of up to 4.5 ml capacity and are designed to be used at temperatures ranging from -190°C to +121°C. 

Particulars                                                              Packing

50 Places for 1 ml or 1.8 ml Cryo Vials                 8 Pcs

 81 Places for 1 ml. or 1.8 ml Cryo Vials               4 Pcs

81 Places for 4.5 ml. Cryo Vials                             4 Pcs

100 Places for 1 ml or 1.8 ml Cryo Vials              4 Pcs


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