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Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter

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Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter

Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Transmitter


  • On-Board Carrier generation circuit (Sine waves Synchronized to transmitted data)
  • On-Board in phase and quadrature Phase Carrier for QPSK modulation
  • Different data conditioning formats NRZ (L), NRZ (M) RZ, Bi Phase (Manchestor), Bi Phase
  • (Mark), AMI, RB Differentially encoded dibit pair
  • ASK, FSK, PSK,  DPSK  & QPSK Carrier modulation
  • Variable carrier and modulation offset
  • On Board 8 bit data source
  • Variable Carrier gain
  • On Board Unipolar to Bipolar conversion
  • On Board Data Inverter


  • Input: 2 Channel Time Division Multiplexed Data
  • Data Formatting: NRZ (L), NRZ (M), AMI, RB, Biphase  (Manchseter), Biphase (Mark), Differentially encoded dibit pair
  • Carrier Modulation: ASK PSK, PSK. DFSK: & QPSK
  • On-Board Carrier: Sine wave Synchronized to transmit data at 1.44MHz, 960 KHz, (0 deg.phase) 960 KHz (90 deg phase)
  • Test Points: More than 38
  • Interconnections: 2/4 mm socket
  • Cabinet: Enclosed in ABS plastic cabinet with detachable cover
  • Power : 220V AC +10%, 50/60Hz mains operated
  • Accessories : Set of Patch Cords, User’s manual


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  • phase (Mark), Differentially encoded dibit pair
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