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Dc Motor Position Control Trainer

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Dc Motor Position Control Trainer

Dc Motor Position Control Trainer

Technical Specifications:

  • Study of DC motor position.
  • Position control of a 12 volt/1 Amp DC geared PM motor.
  • RPM 50/60 Hz
  • Calibrated dials with 1 degree resolution for reference and output position.
  • Two 360° Servo-potentiometers.
  • Built in step signal.
  • Built in waveform capture/display card for study dynamics.
  • 3½ DVM.
  • 220 V ±10%,50 Hz mains operated.
  • User’s Manual with patch cords.

List Of Experiments:

  • Study of error variation with forward gain.
  • Effect of error variation on the speed of motor.
  • Determination of motor transfer function and tech meter characteristics.
  • Study of Time Constant variation with forward gain.


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