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Digital Colorimeter – Analytical Instrument

Digital Colorimeter – Highly Stable & accurate Ideal Clinical instruments for Blood & Chemical Analysis.

Range : 400 NM to 700 NM Filters 8 High Standard Filters,

Accuracy ± 0.02 O.D.,

Reproducibility ± 0.01 O.D.,

Out Put Optical Density 0 to 1.99,

Display  2 ½ Digit LED Display, Detector Selenium Photo Cell,

Light Source 6.2 V 0.3 Amp. Tungston Filament Lamp,

Minimum Volume 1 ml solution measurement,

Power 230 V ± 10% 50 Hz AC,

Size (LXBXH) 225 x 230 x 150 mm,

Weight 4 kg. (Approx),

Accessories Test Tubes 5 Nos, Light Source Bulb, Dust Cover, Instruction Manual.


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