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Energy Band Gap By Four Probe Method

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Energy Band Gap By Four Probe Method

Energy Band Gap By Four Probe Method

Experiment consists of the following :

Probes Arrangement : It has four individually spring loaded, coated with Zn at the tips. The probes are collinear and equally spaced. The Zn coating & individual spring ensure good electrical contacts with the sample. The probes are mounted in a bush which ensure a good electrical insulation between the probe. A spacer near the tips is also provided to keep the probes at equal distance. The whole arrangement is mounted on a suitable stand and leads are provided for current and voltage measurements.

Features :

  • Sample : Ge (Germanium) crystal in the form of a chip slice.
  • Oven : It is a small oven for the variation of temperature of the crystal from room Temperature to about 200Deg C. Operating Temperature is 180DegC
  • Four Probes Set-up : (Measuring Unit)-LCD Display for all Parameters
  • Soft Press Keys for Menu
  • USB Interface
  • Software provided for PC Interface
  • Direct Graph Plot & calculation of Band GapE of Energy g as per Selected Point from Graph

Technical Specification

  • Voltage Range :0 – 4.000V
  • Resolution :1mV at 4V range
  • Accuracy :± 0.1 % of reading ± 1 digit
  • Current range :0 – 20 mA
  • Resolution :10 µA
  • Accuracy :± 0.25 % of the reading ± 1 digit.
  • Memory capacity :8 KB
  • Logging :up to 256 readings storage
  • PC interface :USB
  • Selection keys :Keypad
  • Display :16×2 Alphanumeric LCD
  • Oven with Temperature Range : 0 – 200 ºC (with 1 ºC resolution)
  • Software :EasyLogPro v545
  • Requirements:
    • USB Drivers
    • USB Cable
  • PC / Laptop :Window Based (Only 32 Bit operating System Support)


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Objective :

Four Probe Apparatus with Data Logging & PC interface has been designed to measure the value of forbidden energy band gap in germanium material.