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Experiments On Gun Diode

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Experiments On Gun Diode

Experiments On Gun Diode

This Gunn Diode Microwave Test Bench is very impactful for low Power transmitters and local Oscillator that find applications in the detection of moving targets. Finding wide usage especially in speed control radars, radar detectors, intrusion alarm systems, door openers and commercial marine navigational radar, these can also control applications such as near object direction for vehicles, and door openers. 

• To study the characteristics of Gunn diode.
• To study the frequency, guide wavelength & free space wavelength
• To measure the SWR and reflection coefficient.
• To measure impedence of a load.

List Of Components:

Gunn Power Supply

Gunn Mount

Pin Modulator


Frequency Meter

Variable Attenuator

Slotted Section

Tunable Probe

Detector Mount

Movable Short

Matched Termination

VSWR meter solid state

Wave Guide Stands

SS Tuner

BNC Cable

Cooling Fan

Fixed Short


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