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Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece

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Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece

Flow Through Orifice and Mouthpiece

Technical Description:
An orifice is an opening made in the side or bottom of tank, having a closed perimeter, through which the fluid may be discharged. A mouthpiece is short tube fitted to a same size circular opening provided in a tank so that fluid may be discharged through it. Orifice and mouthpiece are used to measure the rate of flow of liquid. The apparatus is designed to measure the co-efficient of discharge of orifice mouthpiece. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Orifice Set of 2, Material Acrylic (Diameter 10 mm and 15 mm)
  • Set of Mouthpieces   Set of 3, Material Acrylic (Diameter 10mm with L/D = 1, 2.5 4 )
  • Constant level tank Capacity 25 Liters.
  • Supply Tank Capacity 85 Liters. 
  • Measuring tank Capacity 40 Ltrs. MOC SS fitted with Piezometer Tube scale
  • Hook/Pointer Gauge To measure X-Y co-ordinates of Jet
  • Pump FHP capacity make Tullu / Crompton Greaves
  • Piping GI / PVC
  • Stop Watch Electronic
  • The whole set-up is ingeniously designed and schematically arranged on a powder-coated rigid structure 

Control Panel:  
Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.

Scope of Delivery:
1 Self Contained “Orifice and Mouthpiece” Apparatus

1 Instruction Manual consisting of experimental procedures, block diagram etc.


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 Learning Objectives/Experiments:
  • To determine the co-efficient of discharge of different Orifice and mouthpiece
Required for Operation:
  • Electric supply 0.5 kW, 220 V AC, Single Phase
  • Water supply Tap water connection 
  • Floor Area with Drain facility