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Fluid Mixing Apparatus

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Fluid Mixing Apparatus

Fluid Mixing Apparatus

Description :

For a processing vessel to be effective the volume of fluid circulated by the impellers must be sufficient to sweep out the entire vessel in a reasonable time. The velocity of the stream leaving the impeller must be sufficient to carry the current to the remotest parts of the tank. Liquids are most often mixed in some kind of tanks or vessels, usually cylindrical in form and with a vertical axis. Tank bottom is rounded to eliminate regions into which the fluid currents would not penetrate. In the present set-up mixing is done with the help of stirrer. The stirrer is complete with SS Impeller with SS Shaft coupled to FHP DC motor. The speed of agitator can be varied with the help of Thyristor controlled DC Drive and power consumption is measured by Digital Voltmeter & Digital Ammeter. Four replaceable baffles are provided to prevent swirling. One 4-bladded propeller and one 6-bladded turbine are provided which are interchangeable. Drain valve is also provided at the bottom. Effectiveness of power consumption in fluid mixing can be performed with and without baffles hence increasing the range of experimentation. The whole set-up is mounted on a rigid MS frame structure.

Technical Details :

Tank                              : Material Stainless Steel. Dia. 300 mm, Depth 400 mm (approx.)

Stirrer                           : SS Impeller with SS Shaft coupled to Standard make FHP Variable Speed                                                 Motor and Drive.

Agitator                        : Stainless Steel shaft & impellers (i.e. one propeller & one turbine)

Baffles                           : Material Stainless Steel, 4 Nos. 2” width. (detachable).

Sampling point           : 4 Nos. at random locations.

RPM Measurement   : Digital RPM Indicator, Non Contact type with Proximity sensor.

Digital Voltmeter       : 0-300 Volts

Ammeter                     : 0-5 Amps.

Instruction Manual   : An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the                                                                 Apparatus



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  • To plot Power number Vs Reynolds number for the given set of impeller with baffled/ unbaffled mixing.
  • To study the mixing characteristics of give solid/liquid mixture.
Requirement :
  • Electric Supply : Single Phase, 220 V AC, 0.5 kW
  • Water Supply.
  • Drain