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Function Generator 0.1Hz To 2MHz (Digital)

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Function Generator 0.1Hz To 2MHz (Digital)

Function Generator 0.1Hz To 2MHz (Digital)

Frequency Range : 0.1Hz – 2MHz. in 7 decade steps (Variable in between)
Functions : Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse TTL pulse output.
Features : AM , FM ,PWM & Int Sweep
Freq. Stability : With Frequency control centered <0.5% per hr at constant Amb. temp
Display Freq : Digital (3 1/2 digit 7 segment display ).
Accuracy Freq : + 2% + 7digits
Amplitude : 20 V p-p into open circuit (variable).
Attenuator (60dB) : Steps attenuators 20dB , 40dB and variable 20dB


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