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H.B Meter

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H.B Meter - Laboratory Equipment

 Comparator Holder: -1 Nos.
It is black in colour. The back of the holder is fitted with milky colour screen made of acrylic. In front of the holder there are three windows. The two side windows are fitted with colour comparison. The size of all the three windows are Height 3 cms. (MInimum) Width 0.5 cms. (MInimum)
Square H.B. Tube: -2 Nos.
Square H.B. Tube is graduated on both the side for
the measurement of haemoglobin in respect of
percentage and gram.
H.B. Pipette -1 Nos.
20 microlite H.B. Pipette with latex tube and mouth piece
Amber coloured glass bottle -1 Nos.
Glass Stirrer -1 Nos.
Dropper with teat -1 Nos.
Cleaning Brush -1 Nos.
Spare latex tubing one meter -1 Nos.

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