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Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel

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Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel

Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel

Heat is to be added or extracted to control the process. The addition and removal of heat is done by passing steam or water in a jacket fitted to the outside of the vessel or passing steam or cold water in helical coil inside the vessel. For effective heat transfer and even distribution of heat, the liquid inside is continuously agitated. The present set-up offers us a comparative study of Jacket & Helical coil, which can be operated simultaneously. It is a stainless steel jacketed vessel with helical coil of copper is fitted inside. 

Technical Specifications:

  •  Jacket: Insulated with ceramic wool
  •  Cl added with aluminum foil. 
  • Helical Coil: Material Copper, OD 16mm, ID 13mm.
  •  Agitator: Stainless steel Impeller fitted on a shaft
  •  coupled to a variable speed motor and Drive.
  •  Condensate Measurement: Measuring Cylinder & Stopwatch
  •  Steam Generator: Made of stainless steel fitted with level
  •  The whole set-up is ingeniously designed and schematically arranged on a powder-coated rigid structure 


  • Electricity Supply:1 Phase, 220 V AC, 5 kW
  •  Water Flow Measurement: Rotameter 
  • Water supply: 20 lit/min
  •  Floor area:1.5m x 1.5m.
  •  System:Steam to Water
  •  Vessel Material: stainless steel fitted with 4 baffles 
  • Depth: 350 mm (Approx.)
  •  Diameter: 250
  •  Jacket Width: 25 mm.
  •  Helical Coil Material: Copper 

Control Panel: 

  • Digital Temp. Controller: 0-199.9°C,
  • Digital Temp. Indicator: 0-199.9°C, with multi-channel switch
  • Temperature Sensors: RTD PT-100 type.
  • Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator


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Learning Objectives/Experiments:

  • To determine the overall heat transfer co-efficient for various degree of agitation.
  •  To make a comparative study of Heat Transfer through Jacket & Coil in an agitated vessel.