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Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

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Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

The setup is designed and fabricated to study lagging phenomenon in case of pipes. It consists of three concentric pipes of small thickness as compared to diameter and are arranged concentrically, and closed with the help of two discs. Two different insulating materials fill the annuli between the cylinders. Temperature Sensors are fitted to measure the temperature of pipe walls for radial outward heat flow measurement. Inside the inner pipe, a Nichrome wire heater is placed axially. Heat input to the heater is given through a variac and measured by Digital Voltmeter and Digital Ammeter.

Technical Details:

  • G.I. Pipe Inner    : 5 cm dia. Approx.
  • G.I. pipe middle : 10 cm dia. Approx.
  • G.I. Pipe outer    : 15 cm dia. Approx.
  • Length of Pipes : 60 cm Approx.
  • Heater                : Ni-chrome Wire

Control panel comprising of: Heat Transfer Through Lagged Pipe

  •  Digital Voltmeter : 0-300 Volt
  •  Digital Ammeter  : 0-2 Amp.
  •  Variac                     : 0-230 V, 2 Amp,
  •  Digital Temp. Indicator : 0-199.9°C, with multi-channel switch.
  •  Temperature Sensors     : RTD PT-100 type – 6Nos.


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  • To estimate the actual rate of heat transfer through the composite cylinders from the measured interface temperature of the two insulating materials with known thermal conductivities.
  • To determine the effective thermal conductivity of the composite cylinder.
  • To compare the theoretical temperature profile within the composite cylinders, with that of observed profile.


  • Electricity Supply : 1 Phase, 220 V Ac, 2 Amp
  • Table For Set-Up Support