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Heat Transfer Teaching Setup

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Heat Transfer Teaching Setup

Heat Transfer Teaching Setup


Water will be used as the medium. The heat exchanger as mentioned above will be (one at a time) investigated connect to the supply unit. The hot water flows through the heat exchanger. Unit should be equipped to investigate the parallel and counter flow heat exchange.

 The main unit will provide the required cold and hot water circuits. The unit should be equipped with a stable heated tank and pump for the hot water circuit, connections for the cold water circuit and a switch cabinet with displays and controls. A temperature controller controls the hot water temperature. The flow rate in the hot water and cold water circuit is adjusted using valves. The cold water circuit can be fed from the laboratory mains or water chiller.

Suitable software should be provided for data acquisition and educational software with explanatory texts and illustrations to aids the understanding of the theoretical principles. Suitable sensors should record the temperatures and flow rates. The measured values can be read from digital displays and can be transmitted simultaneously via USB directly to a PC where they can be analyzed using the software. 



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The complete experimental setup should consists of main supply and control unit along with the following units.

 (i) Tubular heat exchanger

(ii) Plate Heat exchanger

(iii) Shell tube Heat exchanger

(iv) Jacketed vessel with stirrer and coil

(v) Water chiller should maintain temperature between -10 oC to ambient temperature .

(vi) Laboratory Trolley

(vii) Suitable branded Desktops PC with i5 or higher processor.