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Hot Plate (Rectangular)

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Hot Plate (Rectangular)

Hot Plate (Rectangular) – Scientific Equipment

In laboratory settings, hot plates are generally used to heat glassware or its contents. Some hot plates also contain a magnetic stirrer, allowing the heated liquid to be stirred automatically.

Our hot plate is easy to use and delivers optimum performance.

It is a rugged and low-maintenance device that can deliver continuous heat up to 350 degrees C.

Its body is made of thick steel sheet finished with enamel paint.

The hot plate is high quality and made of cast iron.

Painted with heat resistant black, it comes with heavy duty elements that are layered under the heating plate.

The temperature is controlled with a three-heat switch and an in indicator.

Works on 220V.

Following Size Are Available –

Size (mm) Inches
30 x 25cm 12” x10”
40 x 25cm 16” x 10”
45 x 30cm 18” x 12”
60 x 15cm 24” x 18”



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