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Impart Of Jet On Vanes

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Impart Of Jet On Vanes

Impart Of Jet On Vanes

Technical Description: 

The setup consists of a clear Acrylic fabrication section. Water is fed through a nozzle and discharged vertically to strike a target carried on a stem, which extends through the cover. A weight carrier is mounted on the upper end of the stem. The dead weight of the moving parts is counter balanced by a compression spring. The vertical force exerted on the target plate is measured for applied weights. Two targets cups are provided with the setup (flat plate and hemispherical cup). 


  • Target (2 Nos.) :                        Flat Plate and Hemispherical Cup
  • Nozzle :                                       Material Brass
  • Jet Enclosure :                          Made of Acrylic
  • Water Circulation :                  FHP Pump, Standard make
  • Flow Measurement:                Using Measuring Tank with Piezometer, Capacity 25 Ltrs.
  • Sump Tank:                              Capacity 50 Ltrs.
  • Stop watch:                               Electronic.
  • Control Panel Comprises of: Standard make On/Off Switch, Mains Indicator, etc.
  • Instruction Manual :               An ENGLISH instruction manual will be provided along with the Apparatus Tanks will be made of Stainless Steel.
  • The whole set-up is well designed and arranged in a good quality painted structure

Control Panel:

  • Standard make on/off switch, Mains Indicator.



  • Compact design
  • Rust resistance
  • High strength


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  • To measure the force developed by a jet of water upon a target (Hemispherical cup or Flat Plate) and
  • Comparison with the forces predicted by the momentum theory.
  • Water Supply.
  • Drain.
  • Electricity 0.5 kW, 220 V AC, Single Phase.
  • Floor Area 1.5 x 0.75 m.