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Kelvin Double Bridge

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Kelvin Double Bridge - Physics Laboratory Equipment


  • Kelvin double bridge for precise measurement of low resistance capable of measuring resistance from 0.1 micro – ohm to 1.1 ohms.
  • Ten standard resistance of Manganin are provided in step of 0.1 ohm each in dial from with five multiple ratios of .001, 1, 10 and 100 ohms.
  • The circulars slide wire of .01 ohms is also made from thick Manganin wire.
  • Having extremely low temperature coefficient calibrated to +05 to 0.02% with heavy construction.
  • Conforms to Conductor Resistance Test as per
  • Four Terminals method and kelvin Principle for eliminating contact and lead resistance.
  • Properly aged manganin wire resistance used.
  • Reproducible measurements (Same value even after 25000 operations)
  • Zero setting provision (Provided on slide wire dial)
  • Hard silver plated switches are used (Specially designed)
  • Current switch with reverse facility eliminates thermal e.m.f.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to operate
  • High performance


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