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Kinetics Of Dissolution Of Benzoic Acid

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Kinetics Of Dissolution Of Benzoic Acid

Kinetics Of Dissolution Of Benzoic Acid

The setup consists of a Reactor in which solid cylinder of Benzoic Acid is placed and water is stirred by means of a variable speed mixer. Baffles are also provided. The Reactor is made of Stainless Steel. A Peltilizer is provided to make the solid cylinder of size 1″ diameter and 2″ height of Benzoic Acid. The present set-up has a facility to interface the system with computer which enables to log the experimental data using computer.

Technical Details:

  • Chamber : Material Stainless Steel, Capacity 1 Ltrs. (approx)
  • Peltilizer : 1″ Diameter, 2″ Height (approx.) with spanner (compatible size)
  • Stirrer : Material Stainless Steel Impeller and shaft coupled with FHP motor
  • Product Analysis : By using Electronic Sensor, Output 4-20 mA.



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  • To study the Kinetics of dissolution of Benzoic Acid.
  • Electricity Supply: Single Phase, 220 V AC, 50 Hz, 5-15 Amp combined socket with earth connection. Earth voltage should be less than 5 volts.
  • Water Supply.
  • Floor Drain.
  • Instruments, Laboratory Glassware and Chemicals required for analysis as per the system adopted.