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Laminar Flow Table

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Laminar Flow Table

Laminar Flow Table

Product description:

Light in weight and heat resistant our quality range of Laminar Air Flow Horizontal. 
These are portable and easy to handle and are used for filtering the air and eradicating germs and allergens from the air.
Its table top is covered with non glaring laminated sheet or stainless steel sheet, while the side panels are fixed and are made out of transparent acrylic sheet. 
Further, a two legs table top and two table supports are detachable and can be taken out and fixed within minutes, front door can be kept full open/half open, fully closed as desired. 
The equipment is fitted with safety attachments of international Standards.

                                                  A                         B                            C                            D                              E

Working Chamber           2’x2’x2′              3’x2’x2′                  4’x2’x2′                6’x 2’x2′                    8’x2’x2′

Size of HEPA Filter         2’x2’x6”             3’x2’x6”                  4’x2’x6”                3’x2’x6”                  4’x2’x6”

No. of HEPA Filter               1                          1                               1                            2                                2

No. of Pre Filter                    1                          1                               1                            2                                2

Illumination                   1×20 W               1×20 W                    1×20 W                  2×20 W                   2×20 W

UV Germicidal Light    1×11/2 Ft            1×11/2 Ft                  1×3 ft                     2×3 ft                       2×3 ft


Low maintenance
Easy installation
Highly portable


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