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Lathe Machine

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Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine


  • Optimum performance
  • High operational fluency
  • Low power consumption


Swing Over bed: 460 mm

Swing over cross slide: 280 mm

Distance between centers: 750 mm

Swing over gap: 680 mm

Width of bed: 317 mm

Width of gap: 210 mm

Length of bed; 1740 mm

Spindle bore diameter: 52 mm

No. of spindle speeds: 2 steps for variable speed

Range of spindle speeds: 30-1800 rpm

Spindle nose: A1-6

Width of carriage: 485 mm

Cross slide travel: 250 mm

Top slide travel: 125 mm

Tool shank: 20 x 20 mm

Diameter of barrel: 52 mm

Travel of barrel: 140 mm

Taper of barrel: MT4

Lead Screw Dia & pitch: Dia 35 mm, Pitch: 6mm

Range of metric pitches: 0.2-14 – 41 nos.

Range of inch pitches: 2-5 6TPI- 37 nos.

Range of Diametrical pitches: 8-44DP

Range of module pitches: 0.3-3.5MP

Feed rod diameter: 22mm

Range of longitudinal feeds: 0.04- 1.0 mm/rev

Range of cross feeds: 0.05-1.25 mm/rev

Main spindle motor: 5 hp

Coolant pump motor: 1/8 hp

Supplied complete with : ZX AXIS automatic lubrication system

Metric/Inch gearbox

Coolant device

Longitudinal apron motion feed

Tail-stock two step device

3 jaw scroll chuck 7” and 9”

Back late for chuck, Steady rest 6”, CentreSleeve, Dead centre, Tool post screwwrench, Level pads, Toolbox with tools


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