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Linear IC Trainer

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Linear IC Trainer

Linear IC Trainer


  • Trainer comprises of Power supplies inside the trainer
  • Power supplies on boards 0-5 V, 250 mA and 0-12 V, 250 mA Variable
  • 12 V/150 mA and 5 V/150 mA Fixed Supplies provided on board
  • 2 Digital Meters are mounted on board one for voltmeter 20 V and other for current 200 mA
  • 2 nos bread board mounted on the board
  • 2 Nos. Variable resistor mounted on the board


  • Trainer operated on 230 V, 50 Hz 10%
  • Supplied with instruction manual
  • Supplied with sufficient nos of patch cords
  • Supplied with Computer Lead
  • Dimensions of the Trainer will be 12’’ x 10’’ with Plastic Box Highly shock proof


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