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Linear System Simulator

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Linear System Simulator

Linear System Simulator


  • Open and closed loop step response of First Order type-0 system for various values of gain
  • Open and closed loop step response of Second Order type-0 and type-1 systems
  • Response of third order system
  • Steady-State errors for closed loop configuration through triangular wave input.
  • The number of experiments possible on the unit is not limited to those suggested above.

Features and Specifications:

  • Simulated first, second and third order system of type-0 and type-1
  • Calibrated variable gain amplifier (Resolution 1:1000)
  • Built-in signal sources:         
  • Trigger output for perfectly steady display on CRO
  • Uncommitted amplifier for phase adjustment
  • Provision for disturbance inputs
  • Complete in all respect, except a measuring CRO


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