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Load Test Of Dc Shunt Motor

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Load Test Of Dc Shunt Motor

Load Test Of Dc Shunt Motor


1. DC Shunt motor With Loading Arrangement 1HP, 230V, DC & 1500 RPM.

2. Motor is copper wound with class b insulation.

3. It is supplied with one MS powder coated Electrical panel fitted with high insulation Bakelite sheet.

4. Analog ammeter and voltmeter are provided on the front panel sheet.

5. On board DC power supply to operate the DC shunt motor.

6. Short Circuit protection with the MCB.

7. 3 Point starter to records the reading of armature resistance.

8. 2 Nos. rheostats to control the speed of dc shunt motor.

9. 4mm terminals to make connections

10. Supplied with complete operating instruction manual.



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