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Measurement Of Distance By Servo Potentiometer

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Measurement Of Distance By Servo Potentiometer

Measurement Of Distance By Servo Potentiometer

The measurement of position and displacement of physical objects is essential for many applications such as process feedback control, performance evaluation, transportation traffic control, robotics, and security systems just to name a few. By position, we mean the determination of the objects coordinates (linear or angular) with respect to a selected reference.

Displacement means moving from one position to another for a specific distance or angle. In other words, a displacement is measured when an object is referenced to its own prior position rather than to another reference. 

The simplest type of Displacement Sensor involves the action of displacement in moving the wiper of a potentiometer. This device then converts linear or angular motion into a changing resistance that may be converted directly to voltage and/ or current signals.

Product Features

  • Self-contained and easy to operate.
  • Sensitive, Linear, Stable & Accurate.
  • Built in DC Power Supplies.
  • Micrometer for displacement measurement.
  • Calibrated dials for output position.
  • Servo Potentiometers with full 360
  • Online Product Tutorials


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