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Measurement Of Efficiency Of Single Phase Transformer

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Measurement Of Efficiency Of Single Phase Transformer

Measurement Of Efficiency Of Single Phase Transformer


  • Study of 1 phase transformer connections
  • Efficiency test on 1 phase transformer
  • Ratio, voltage, power and current measurement in single phase
  • Open and short circuit test.


  • Electrical control panel with 1 single phase 1KVA transformer.
  • Panel size 36×24 Inches.
  • Transformer provided will be high quality copper wound.
  • Primary of transformer of 220V and secondary will be 110V.
  • There are 3 tapping in the secondary at 50%, 86%, 100%.
  • Transformer will be differently housed in a MS powder cabinet for easy carrying and other general use.
  • Panel consist of MS powder coated housing with back side removable.
  • Panel fitted with front panel of insulated Bakelite sheet 6mm thick.
  • It is fitted with appropriate digital voltmeter, ammeter & wattmeter to record the readings.
  • Short circuit protection with the help of MCB.
  • 4A variable ac supply is provided separately through variac for short circuit test.
  • Load bank is provided internally on panel with 100W electrical bulbs.
  • Connections through 4mm safety terminals.
  • Supplied with instruction manual


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