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Measurement Of Force By Load Cell

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Measurement Of Force By Load Cell

Measurement Of Force By Load Cell

Force can be measured by different methods, one of the most effective and accurate method is by using strain gauge based load cells. Four Transducer class strain gauges are bonded on the specimen and are connected in the form of Whetstone Bridge. The specimens are of different types depending on the requirement such as S, column, beam, ring, shear beam, binocular 

Capacity                                 :    1 Kg to 100 tones
Strain Gauge Resistance    :    350 ohms (+/- 2%).
Safe Overload                       :    100% of the rated capacity.
Max. Overload                      :    200% of the rated capacity.
Excitation                              :    10 V DC (max.).
Sensitivity                              :    1 to 2 mV/V depending on the load cell structure and capacity.
Non-Linearity                       :    0.2% of the rated capacity.
Creep Error                           :    0.2% of the rated capacity.
Hysteresis                              :   0.2% of the rated capacity.
Operating Temperature      :  +10o C to +55o C
Electrical Connection Through four cores shielded cable


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