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Measurement Of Speed Using Photoelectric Pickup

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Measurement Of Speed Using Photoelectric Pickup

Measurement Of Speed Using Photoelectric Pickup

Speed measurement by photoelectric ( optical ) transducer is a convient method, since many type of photon devices are available.  In present set up a photo diode is used as transducer. A photo diode ( in reverse bias mode ) is a device the  resistance of which falls to great extent when it is exposed to light  radiation.In actual we must describe the system before the transducer.  A light emitting diode and a photo diode is mounted in such way that  full radiated energy falls upon the diode.


  • Speed measurement using photo electric pickup transducer can be done using this kit.
  • On-board RPM meter for measurement of speed
  • On-board potentiometer for varying speed
  • On-board photo electric sensor and DC motor with shaft
  • On-board push button to reset the count
  • On-board signal conditioning circuit
  • Test points are provided at various stages to observe the signals and waveforms
  • Interconnection: 2/4mm banana sockets
  • DC Supply: Built-in (IC) DC regulated power supplies
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated
  • Enclosed in an attractive ABS plastic cabinet with cover                                            


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