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Microprocessor Training Kit With Inbuilt Power Supply

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Microprocessor Training Kit With Inbuilt Power Supply

Microprocessor Training Kit With Inbuilt Power Supply


  • Based on Intel’s 8086/8088 CPU operating at 2.5/5MHz 
  • 16K bytes of RAM available to the user using 6264 
  • 16K bytes of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program(2764/27128). 
  • Total on board memory capacity of 128KB of RAM & 128KB of EPROM. 
  • Battery backup provided for RAM area. 
  • 48 I/O lines through 2 nos. of 8255. 
  • 16 bit Timer/Counter through 8253. 
  • RS-232C for CRT Terminal through 8251 Baud rate selection through DIP switch from 110-19,200 baud. 
  • 25/28 keys hexadecimal keyboard and eight seven segment display. 
  • Resident Monitor with two modes of operation: – Keyboard mode & Serial mode Powerful software commands like GO, EXAMINE/MODIFY REGISTERS, SINGLE STEPPING, BLOCK MOVE, FILL, INSERT, DELETE, INPUT/OUTPUT BYTE & WORD. 
  • Facility for uploading/downloading of files from/to PC. 
  • All Address, Data and Control Signals, are buffered and available at the FRC connector. 
  • In-built Power Supply. 
  • User’s Manual. 


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