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Pid Controller (Simulated System)

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Pid Controller (Simulated System)

Pid Controller (Simulated System)


This set up is designed to study performance of analog PID Controller with simulated process. The board has built in signal source, building blocks for simulated process and PID Controller with built in regulated dc supply to operate the system.

The PID Controller has three adjustable parameters, as P, I, D each has 10 turn potentiometers with dial knobs which are subdivided for .02 resolution. Three sockets are provided to add or out any of desired control P, I or D. at  input of PID controller an adder is provided which sums the reference and  feedback signals. The input and output of PID control has no phase shift.


  • Study of an simulated PID controller.
  • PID Controller (configurable as P, PI, PD and PID).
  • Proportional band : 1% to 50%. Gain : 0-20.
  • Integral time : 10 mS  100 mS.
  • Derivative time : 2-20 mS.
  • Signal sources :
    • Square wave, Triangular Wave : 0-2Vpp at 10-40 Hz variable (typical).
  • Built in IC regulated power supplies.
  • 220V ±10%, 50Hz mains operated.
  • Users Manual with patch cords.


  • Study of open loop response of various
  • Study of close loop response.
  • P, PI & PID design and performance evaluation in each case.


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