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Plank’s Constant Apparatus

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Plank’s Constant Apparatus

Planck’s Constant Apparatus – Electronics Laboratory Equipment

 Planck’s constant apparatus is specially designed for determination of Planck’s constant and work Function of Materials by Photoelectric Effect. Moreover it is useful to verify Inverse square law of radiation using a photoelectric cell.

  • Planck’s Constant Apparatus with build in power supply .
  • And constant workable on 230 volts AC and photo electric cell mounted with separate terminals.
  • With in provided a light source
  • And two meters wooden optical bench.


  • Operational fluency
  • Compact design
  • Highly durable



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Exp-1 To determine planck’s constant. Exp-2 To verify the inverse square law. This compact instrument consists of photocell, light source, a light receiving darkroom, digital display screen, display mode switch, current multiplier, light insensitive switch, voltage adjuster, voltage direction switch, indicator light and switch on/off. Six pieces of different color filters and four types of LED diodes are provided. The distance between light source and darkroom may be adjusted from 10 - 40 cm along the guide. Circuits are printed for better understanding the principle. Principle and Working: The photon energy by Einstein equation E=hn is equal to energy gap Eg between the valence and conduction bands. The energy Eg is equal to the energy barrier eV0, that electron have to overcome in going from n-doped side of diode junction to p-doped side when no external voltage V is applied to the diode. In the p-doped side, electron recombine with holes releasing the energy Eg in the form of photon is given by equation Eg = eV0