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Pressure Drop In Two Phase Flow

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Pressure Drop In Two Phase Flow

Pressure Drop In Two Phase Flow

Technical Description:  

The Apparatus is designed to study the pressure drop in two-phase flow under different patterns. The set-up consists of a test section, made of Borosilicate Glass to visualize the different patterns. A Centrifugal Pump, with flow control valve and by-pass valve, is provided to supply water to the pipe line. At outlet, a Separator is provided to separate the air from water. Two Rota-meters one each for Air and Water are provided to measure the flow rates.

Technical Specifications

  • Test Section: Material Borosilicate Glass Dia : 1″, Length 900 mm Approx.
  • Water Circulation: FHP Pump, Crompton /Sharp make.
  • Flow Measurement: Rota-meters. 2 Nos. (one each for Water & Air).
  • Air Circulation: By Compressed Air.
  • Buffer Tank: Material Stainless steel, Suitable Capacity with Safety valve and Pressure Gauge.
  • Water Tank: Material Stainless Steel/PVC, Capacity 60 Ltrs.
  • Pressure Drop measurement : By Differential Manometer
  • Separator: Material Stainless steel, Compatible capacity.
  • Piping: GI and PVC


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Learning Objectives/Experiments
  • To determine the pressure drop in two phase flow.
  • To visualize the flow pattern.
Required for Operation:
  • Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 2.5 CFM.
  • Electricity 1.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase.
  • Water Supply.
  • Floor Drain.
  • Floor Area 1.5 x 0.75 m.